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Gun Store makes the move from online to a physical location

Posted at 7:34 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 22:28:54-05

TWIN FALLS — In this difficult year for many businesses, the firearm industry has exploded, and the store Quick Response Firearm is no exception to this success.

Primarily an online retailer, owner Daniel Corsini will be opening a brand new physical location on March 16th.

Corsini began to have an interest in guns several years ago. Soon enough he started a website out of his garage to reach interested buyers. Since then it has been his goal to open a store and it has come to fruition over these past few months.

“So we started looking a few months ago. We were actually about to sign on to another place down the street here and then this spot became available. So we just started setting up less than two months ago,” said Corsini.

Now that the grand opening date is approaching, Daniel is thrilled to have his dream made into reality. “I guess the most exciting part is finally having an actual storefront really, and being more part of the community is something I’m really looking forward to.”

Part of what helped Quick Response Firearms' success has been because of the demand for firearms throughout the pandemic. Not just for regular customers, but also, other gun stores.

“We’re a pretty small-time shop compared to some other ones but we’ve had bigger shops buying from us because we’ve had inventory that they can’t get," Corsini said. "I think that my family and the company have just been blessed and we’re using that to open the store.”

Now that Corsini has made the shift from online to legitimate storefront, he will be able to receive even more inventory.

“Manufacturers such as colt, for example, they won’t sell at all unless you have a storefront. So manufacturers like that we’ll be able to get plus there are extra accounts we can get where we can get more product,” said Corsini.

Now that shift from a digital platform has been accomplished, the majority of the focus will now be on the physical location with the website coming to a stop.

“For now I’ve cut about 90% of our online stuff so that we can have stuff for the store," Corsini said. "Once we open and kind of see what kind of flow is going on with the local customers here, then we’ll figure out if we want to jump back online or not.”