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Gov. Brad Little visits Twin Falls to talk about Esto Perpetua

Posted at 5:35 PM, May 11, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Governor Brad Little visited Twin Falls Wednesday to conclude his round table meetings on Esto Perpetua. The round table meeting stopped in four towns in Idaho to meet with community leaders and local law enforcement to talk about the states new drug initiative.

Operation Esto Perpetua looks to stop incoming drugs from entering Idaho. According to the Idaho Department of health and welfare, 44% of overdose deaths in 2021 involved synthetic opioids.

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Governor Little spoke about the purpose of the round table meetings and the way he plans to combat Idaho's drug issue.

"We are just trying to aggregate all the, basically the to do list about what do we do next. We have to stop the source coming in, we have to have first time interdiction, and we have got to keep our law enforcement safe," he said.

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Speaker of the house Scott Bedke has traveled with the Governor to the round table meetings to talk about Esto Perpetua and the ways it attacks drug overdoses. One facet is stopping the demand before it starts.

"How do we address particularly in our youth, to stop the demand in our young population, in our kids?" said Bedke.

The governor has plans to address this issue with youth.

"We are going to put in regional youth centers for these kids that have had a really challenging time," said Governor Little.

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