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Fundraiser organized for community member who fell off canyon

Posted at 5:17 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 21:09:05-05

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Former Twin Falls County Deputy Jared Giles fell off the canyon rim while walking with his daughter on December 6. Giles suffered 10 broken bones, weeks in different hospitals, multiple surgeries, and had his right foot and right ankle amputated.

After hearing of Giles' accident, several close friends and others wanted to help him during his time of need and decided a fundraiser was the best option.

The fundraiser is being done to assist Jared and his family with extensive medical bills, travel expenses for trips between hospitals, and the cost of a new prosthetic to help him get back to providing for his family.

Having already managed to garner support from local organizations and receiving numerous donations, those who know Jared and are organizing the event are thrilled to see such support from the community.

“I just can’t believe how many people who don’t know Jared, don’t know anything about him, how much they’re willing to put up and help us with this project through donations," said Perry Barnhill, an organizer for the event, and a Lieutenant for the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office. "Cash donations, physical donations, whatever it may be. It just speaks volumes for the local community.”

Initially Jared did not want to receive to help from people, as he typically works to help others when he can. Having gotten on board and seen how large it has gotten, Jared is very appreciate and thankful for all of those for the support and is looking forward to the main event.

“Being able to see others help me and then hopefully I’ll have the chance to thank those that have done that," said Giles. "That’s going to be the big thing, being able to show my gratitude to those that have helped me out.”

The date for the fundraiser is Saturday, February 19, and the event starts at 5:00 pm at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds. Anyone with questions about purchasing tickets or making donations can reach out to