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Friends of the Avenues move closer to creating historic residential district

Posted at 5:34 PM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 19:34:45-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Friends of the Avenues moved on step closer Monday to preserving a historic residential district in Twin Falls.

The City of Twin Falls voted to allow the Historic Preservation Commission and others to partner with Friends of the Avenues so they may review an area for historic designation. This would allow for the houses in the historic district to be kept up to their original designs when the town was first founded.

Kate Lopez is a member of the community group and lives in one of the house in this potential district. Her home was built in 1909 and she said she sees the value in change but the importance in preservation.

“It’s important for things to change but it’s also important to have a balance of things that don’t change,” said Lopez.

Lopez said it's an honor to live in her house and be apart o Twin Falls history.

“My house was built by one of the first people that came to Twin Falls and worked here and there were generations in this house. They had it for 50 years,” said Lopez.

She also sees the value in this area and knows what Twin Falls could lose.

“Once they are gone, they don’t come back, and it costs very little to demolish in this town,” said Lopez.

She said part of why she does this is to show the respect that the original owners of these houses deserve and she loves living in Twin Falls

“We owe them that respect. They did a great job with Twin. It’s been a wonderful place to live and one of the reasons is because of the layout of the old homes and I think it's important to respect them,” she said.

The Friends of the Avenues still have more process to go through before the city designates a new historic district.