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Fish and game share tips on slowing the spread of Avian flu

Posted at 5:57 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 23:46:04-04

JEROME, Idaho — As Avian flu continues to kill wild and domestic birds in Idaho, there are ways that you can slow the spread of this bird killing disease.

Lyn Snoddy is a regional wildlife diversity biologist and says small things like checking where you go can save domestic flocks.

“If you go to the park and there’s a lot of wild waterfowl there, the virus could potentially be on your shoes so being aware when you get home to not bring that near your domestic birds,” she said.

The exact statics on wild birds hasn't been definitively defined but Snoddy says there is almost a 100% loss in many domestic birds.

“Poultry, backyard poultry and then some of are larger producers, they are having high rate of mortality,” she said.

Though there isn't a cure or way to stop Avian influenza, another way slowing the spread is by taking down bird feeders so that wild birds can't traffic higher areas of contracting the virus.

“General rule of thumb is that wild birds don’t naturally congregate in large numbers until they are ready to migrate,” said Snoddy.

As for human contraction of the disease, Idaho fish and game says there isn't a need to worry. Just wear gloves and wash up after dealing with or being around wild birds.

“It’s an extremely extremely possibility of humans contracting avian influenza,” said Snoddy.

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