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First industrial hemp farm begins harvesting hemp seeds in Idaho

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-30 20:16:49-04

BUHL, Idaho — A local farm in Buhl is home to the first industrial hemp field in the state.

Idaho was the last state to leaglize the growing of industrial hemp after its prohibition ended in 2018. 1000 Springs Mill is a locally owned non-GMO organization that produces multiply health foods and products.

Hemp grain is a member of the cannabis family but doesn't contain any properties of THC or CBD. Industrial hemp is also male plant that can contaminate marijuana fields and ruin the THC and CBD qualities found in that strand of cannabis.

Tim Cornie is the co-owner of 1000 Springs Mill and a local farmer who says the future of industrial hemp is bright in southern Idaho.

“We’re pretty excited about the future of hemp grain in Idaho and for the building potential and plastics and future ethanol as well. Once we get this dialed in, it’s going to be a great rotation crop for farmers,” Cornie said.

hemp seeds

Not only is the hemp grain healthy, but farmers can take advantage of the crop being not as water conducive as some other crops.

“Hemp has been around for thousands of years and hemp is also great as a cover crop, to put in your crop rotation. It’s great for your soil health, biodiversity and just has great benefits,” said Abra Snow, head of organic compliance for 1000 Springs Mill.

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