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Downtown residential housing project underway in Twin Falls

Posted at 12:07 AM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 08:11:46-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Twin Falls has been consistently attempting to bring more residential housing to the downtown area, and soon, for the first time in several decades, there may be new downtown homes ready for occupancy by Spring 2021.

Located at the old White Mortuary on Fourth Street, an eleven lot site is set to become a whole new row of housing for prospective residents. The location is significant as the homes would be a short walk from the library, just across the street from the city park, and minutes from all the downtown shops, bars, and restaurants.

"We know that there are folks that would like to live downtown. We know that housing options are limited downtown, and offering ownership of these residences is something that we're quite excited about," says Fran Florence, Principal for Westerra Real Estate.

The new row of housing will consist of eleven, two-story units. All of those involved are locally-owned business operators, which is what also makes it so unique. Park Place Homes L.L.C purchased the property and will develop the site. Summit Construction will build the homes, and Westerra Real Estate Group will handle marketing for available units.

"We are actively seeking those who are interested in these homes and taking reservations now, and those reservations turn into a purchase and sell agreements. And that's what we're trying to achieve," said Florence.

The site just went through a demolition phase this past week and is now being prepped for construction. However, there is one more step that must be completed before vertical construction starts. The city must grant a finalized copy of the building plans and application for building permits upon review, which will be sent within a few weeks.

Developers expect the final review to go smoothly since there are no other entitlement issues such as zoning because it will be eleven homes on an eleven lot site.

Twin Falls Economic Developer Director Nathan Murray said, "There's still review from the health and safety standpoint, the general construction portion of it. Does it meet things like setbacks, height requirements, and so forth, so as long as they satisfy that, which is already stated in our ordinance, permits will be issued."

Information about the actual floor plans and pricing of the units will be revealed at a ceremony later this month.