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Declo Public Library Demolished

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 21:04:02-04

DECLO — The Declo public library had to be taken down recently due to structural issues. The library shared a common wall with the building next to it which had been built in 1909. That building was the one that was supposed to be destroyed, yet since people could nearly push the shared wall over with their thumbs, it was deemed to unsafe. Although members of the community wanted to save it, there was nothing the town could do because they did not have the money to cover the costs in the budget.

The library, built in 2007 was home to thousands of books and provided occasional book club meetings and even field trips for the local school children. Bonnie Bair, founder of the library stated "“Probably the best was when we had the grade schools at the end of several years take a field trip. The grade school is a block away and they one would walk the children over one class at a time and we’d give them a tour of the library and read them a story.”

Despite the towns loss, there was a positive factor to come out of the demolition which was the community coming together. In a last ditch effort to save supplies, the library doors were open to everyone to salavage books, furniture, and other such amenities.

Mayor John Darrington had this to say about the community's quick response to rescue what was in the building.

"“People had taken all the doors, all the cabinets out of it which was a great thing. They took the carpet off the floor, it was a good thing , it was a good community thing and it all went to a good cause.”

Members of the library were upset that it had to go, but were thankful for the memories and friends they all made while being there. Bonnie Bair discussed the many people she had gotten to meet and how great it was to be apart of that. Despite the tough work it was to get the library up and running, she does not regret one second of it.

Now that the towns library is gone and with no plan to rebuild it in the near future, many members of the town will have to rely on the public school system for their books.