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Culture For Change Foundation to offer sewing classes

Posted at 8:08 PM, Dec 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 22:08:03-05

TWIN FALLS — The Culture For Change Foundation will be offering free sewing classes for any residents interested. The course teaches people new skills and gives them an outlet for social interaction with others during the pandemic.

The thought behind organizing some type of class first came during the foundation's URBAN Cultural Fashion Show. Many of those participating in the show wanted to sew on additional pieces to their outfits but were unable to do so.

Soon after, the foundation started conducting some of their own surveys for residents to see what sort of skills they would like to learn. Many of the residents gave feedback on the lack of sewing and designing classes within the community, and Culture For Change felt they could provide an opportunity.

Winnie Christensen, the owner and founder of the Culture For Change Foundation, said, "They would love to be self-sustainable. They would love to use their skill to better themselves. They would love to learn the skills they're passionate about to better themselves. And sewing was on the top of the list."

The class is open to residents of all ages, and they will then be taught the sewing basics. "The first class will just be basically on how to use the machine properly, keep it threaded correctly, and how to get the tensions right and how to move the things and sew basic stitches," Kaysie Provence, an employee for Twin Falls Sewing Center and one of the teachers for the class.

While the Culture For Change Foundation is hosting the class, multiple community-based organizations helped make this project a reality. Plant Therapy donated $2,500 for supplies for the course. The YMCA is providing the facility where the classes will take place, and the Twin Falls Sewing Center gave the foundation ten sewing machines at a discounted rate.

Larry Himple, the owner of Twin Falls Sewing Company, said, "We always want to get involved with the community. We've done it with the refugee center. The reform church had a program going on. We're always happy to help."

Due to the coronavirus, classes will be limited to ten people at a time. Yet, depending on the popularity of the classes and what COVID is like in the future, the foundation is willing to expand in size. However, before the course starts, the foundation needs one more thing.

"We're still looking for volunteer teachers, so please go on our Facebook page or even write and sign up for the sewing classes. You are all welcome. No matter who you are, we would love to have you," said Christensen.

Classes will start on January 7th and take place every Thursday from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm.