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Culture for Change Foundation sewing classes underway

Posted at 7:50 PM, Jan 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-18 21:50:12-05

TWIN FALLS — The Culture For Change Foundation had been organizing the sewing class over the past month to provide residents an outlet to interact with other people safely during this pandemic and give them a chance to learn new skills.

The class is for beginners, and anyone is welcome. However, due to COVID, there is a set limit of ten people per class size each week. Still, socialization is an essential aspect of the class since so many have been secluded for an extended period. While meeting new people is a plus, organizers, and teachers hope students can take away more.

Winnie Christensen, a board member for Culture For Change and organizer of the class, said, “Learn a skill they can use at home. One of them said they had a machine, they were gifted a machine, but they didn’t know how to use it. Now they can thread it, and now they’re learning basic skills. They can make something little, and as the class progresses, they would love to learn more.”

Since students of the class are beginners or first, many have to learn the basics like backstitching and clipping. Still, those participating are happy to be learning something new.

Indira Uprety, a student of the class, said, “I’m learning to do the straight lines, and also we learned the kind of like zig-zag thing today to do the end ...I’m hoping they are going to teach more better things.”

Despite the work it takes, teaching intrigued students who are eager to learn and get involved in a new hobby makes it worth wild. Jackie Welch, a teacher for the class, said, “A lot of the ladies here want to learn to alter clothes to fit better, to take them up so they can make use of clothes that don’t fit for more kids. It’s a very useful skill to have as well as fun. ”

For anyone interested in the course, you are encouraged to reach out to the Culture For Change Foundation to get involved and meet new people. “It’s as if you’re networking and meet people that you would not otherwise meet in your day-to-day life,” said Christensen.

Classes are every Thursday at the YMCA from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm.