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CSI Instant Enrollment Days

Posted at 9:12 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 23:12:41-04

TWIN FALLS — The College of Southern Idaho has been hosting their instant enrollment day for several weeks. The objective is to allow prospective students to register for the upcoming fall semester.

There is no specific criteria that students need, as long as there is the desire to learn CSI is willing to help and accommodate new students. Depending on how much a new student may need assistance with, it may take longer for some rather than others. However, all students have the same options to try and get ready for the fall.

Having already helped hundreds of new students, the college provides resources for financial aid, scheduling, dorming, dining, and even meal plans. Michele McFarlane, the registrar for the College of Southern Idaho, said, "It allows someone to come in and take care of everything. It's like one-stop shopping. Then can apply for admission, talk about placement, work with an advisor to select classes, and walk out with a schedule for fall."

This was the first year the college had held this sort of instant enrollment day, and it has been a challenge to host such an event during the pandemic. Despite the difficulty, the school has done its best to keep staff and students safe. They have also made it a priority to utilize digital means and offer a safe environment for the fall classes.

"We are increasing our online offerings. We're offering many courses through zoom so students can still take a live course but over virtual computer technology. And we're being thoughtful about how many students are in classes and where those classes are being located," said McFarlane.

New students will also have the ability to start at a later date in flex-option courses if they are not ready to start in August. These classes begin in September and October but are only applicable to majors that offer classes during this time. It does not mean students can enroll whenever they choose.

The semester starts on August 24th, but before that, there will be two more instant enrollment days on campus. One on August 13th and the other on August 20th from 9:00 am- 7:00 pm.