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AmeriCorps Team working to refurbish and refresh the Lincoln County Youth Center

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-03 22:23:39-04

RICHFIELD — This AmeriCorps team has been in Lincoln County since mid-April, and the group has been working on several projects throughout the region.

The group has worked in the local food bank, assisted in cleaning parks and highways and helped out a local rodeo.

While the group has been working on several other projects, the main priority remains further developing the Lincoln County Youth Center. The group has been painting, refurbishing and still plans to do some other things to get the building ready for its summer programs.

Since the group has been able to participate in various activities and meet so many people, it has been one of their favorite stops.

“The fact that we get to help so many people in the community, not just the Lincoln County Youth Center," said Michael Duca, a 23-year-old AmeriCorps team member from New Jersey. "But helping in Dietrich, helping all over Shoshone, and doing so many different projects this has been a really amazing experience overall.”

Many of the local residents and even Lincoln County Commissioner Rebecca Wood is thrilled with the work this group has managed to accomplish.

“These guys have been really independent. They’re really good workers," said Wood. "We’re their last job on a year trip, and they know how to work, and they work as a team.”

The group has until the end of the month before they all part ways and head home. Before that, they still have plenty of work to carry out at the Youth Center, including finishing painting and putting in new flooring in the building.

“They’re going to be roofing next week. They’re doing a lot of landscaping. They’re going to be roofing the pastorage in the back which will eventually turn into a daycare and preschool back there. So they’re just busy,” said Wood.

Now that the group has entered their last month of work before heading home after a year together, it's bittersweet for most of them.

“Yeah, it’s hard when you see them every day. It’s like they are a part of your family," said Sophia Kandul, a 23-year-old team member from Kentucky. "But I’m definitely excited to go home too. I’m excited to start on my next journey. I just graduated college so I’m ready to keep on with my stepping stones.”