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'Capital for a day' event hosted in Gooding

Posted at 5:35 PM, Mar 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-17 19:35:31-04

GOODING, Idaho — Governor Brad Little along with some of the states highest officials visited Gooding, Idaho on Friday for the 'Capital for a day' event.

The event was hosted at the Basque center in Gooding where residents of the rural magic valley town asked members of Little's cabinet questions on topics such as education, renewable energy and other states topics impacting southern Idaho.

“You learn so much and it gives people confidence in government. That there are real people making the decisions,” said Little.

'Captial for a day' began under Governor Cecil Dale Andrus' term representing Idaho and Governor Little joined Governor C.L. Otter during the times he visited Idaho towns for the event.

“We need to stand accountable in these communities in every one of the areas whether it’s the water area, the natural resources, roads, bridges, schools, behavioral health; all of those things are important in these communities,” said Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke.

One topic brought up was the future of water as the states population expands and the need increases. Though the current outlook for snowpack is seeing high numbers, sustaining water use in bad years will need to be addressed.

“As lieutenant governor Bedke said, we’ve got some of the best water laws in the nation, but they perhaps do need to be tuned up a little bit,” said Little.

“Just because we are growing quickly doesn’t mean we are going to get more water, so we are going to have to use the water that we have more wisely,” said Bedke.