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AWOL Adventure Sports summer precautions

Posted at 7:49 PM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 21:49:48-04

TWIN FALLS  — AWOL Adventure Sports, which offers kayak rentals, scuba lessons, and zip line tours, had been closed for six weeks. Despite the set back of missing a bulk of the spring season, they are now starting to get back to typical day to day to operations.

This Friday, kayak rentals and zip line tours down at Centennial Waterfront will occur daily from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. The store has had to make some adjustments to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

For staff, all of them will be wearing face-masks, gloves, and practicing social distancing.

For customers, they have decided to limit the number of people allowed during rentals and tours. For zip line tours, the number of attendees has been reduced to eight rather than the usual sixteen. No specific figures were given as to how many people can be out at a time during kayak rentals. Yet every hour, there will be a limit of how many people can go out to reduce crowding on the docks.

A primary concern of AWOL was sanitation and how they were going to keep their equipment clean. Owner Paul Melni stated, "with the kayaks, it's not that big of an issue, having them washed, then sprayed with alcohol. With the zip line equipment we have to use three different types of alcohol to clean the trolleys with. Isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol for the harnesses, and you know soap and water for the helmets." Despite the fact it could lead to longer waits for rentals and tours, AWOL wants to be part of the solution and not add to the problem.

The coming summer months are the "make it or break it" time of the year for Adventure Sports. Since re-opening loads of people who have been cooped up, flocked to the waterfront to be outside and get active. The outpouring of support they have received with rentals, tours, and kayak purchases has been exceptional. They hope people will take advantage of the summer and continue their support.

Adventure Sports is also doing its part to give back to the community. They are offering free kayak rentals to all students in the Magic Valley who received all A's and B's on their report card. All that's required is to bring your fourth-quarter report card or college transcript to the store as proof.

While the majority of AWOL's services can be used, their scuba diving lessons will not be offered for another couple of weeks.