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Avian flu detected in Twin Falls County

Posted at 6:16 PM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 20:20:39-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Department of Agriculture confirmed on September 12 positive cases of avian influenza in Twin Falls County.

The cases were found in a flock of backyard domestic birds and 40 birds were affected. This is the first positive case in Idaho since a case of 28 positive birds was found in Ada County back on May 24.


“Any commercial poultry operation or poultry business should be gravely concerned if there’s any indication that high path avian influenza is being located anywhere near their business,” said Scott Leibsle, Idaho state veterinarian.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture reminds all domestic bird owners to contact them if you believe your birds have avian influenza as it has a high mortality and spreads quickly amongst bird populations.

These cases are believed to have been caused by migratory waterfowl near the snake river. Making sure you have washed hands and clean clothes when you interact with your birds is key to keeping them healthy.

"When you go to feed your birds, you know wash your hands and scrub your boots. When you go in and come out, having a dedicated set of barn clothes, coveralls and boots just for doing that(is important)” said Leibsle.

Interactions with wild birds should always be handled with caution and the Department of Fish and Game encourages safe practice when dealing with wild fowl.

“If you go to the park and there's a lot of wild waterfowl there, the virus could potentially be on your shoes so being aware when you get home to not bring that near your domestic birds,” said Wildlife Biologist, Lyn Snoddy.

For a list of confirmed cases, click here. For more information on avian flu, click here.