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$6.5 billion in funding approved for Idaho Transportation Investment Program

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 19:37:06-04

IDAHO — The Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) approved funding for the Idaho Transportation Investment Program promising $6.5 billion into Idaho infrastructure.

The funds are planning to be spread over the next decade from 2022-2028. Various projects such as repairs to Perrine bridge and construction on portions of I-84 are apart of the infrastructure investment that was approved Sept. 22.

“There’s really a concentrated effort to address Idaho’s growing and aging infrastructure and that’s in large part due to governor brad littles leading Idaho initiative which is really focused on funding Idaho's transportation,” said Jessica Williams, public information officers with ITD.

As Idaho's population continues to expand, Infrastructure will need to match the increase in population. According to the Idaho department of labor, the gem state is anticipated to see a 1.1% growth in population ever year from 2021-2031. Idaho sits just under two million residents.

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ITD sets a standard of providing safety mobility and economic opportunity for everyone in Idaho and Williams hopes investments like these are indication of future infrastructure growth in Idaho.

“When we see funding like this come in, it really helps to address all of those things. To help commerce keep moving through Idaho, to help keep people moving throughout Idaho, and to help them keep doing so very safely,” she said.

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