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2nd South Market vendors eager to serve Twin Falls residents

Posted at 7:50 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 21:50:17-05

TWIN FALLS — Initially set for a hopeful fall opening date but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The 2nd South Market has opened its doors and is nearing full completion. Several of the vendors have already moved into their spaces.

Dave Buddecke, the owner of the building and developer of this project, said, "We do have the Full Steam Espresso open, Cloverleaf Creamery, Rosti Express, the Mexican food, and the Tap House is open." The remaining vendors to move in are Lucy's New York Style Pizzeria, The Smokey Bone, and Poke and Sushi Hut.

Many of the vendors have been involved since the early stages of this project. Despite the time it has taken, they are thrilled the opportunity has finally arrived and are eager to serve residents of the Twin Falls community.

Eric Butterworth, Co-Owner of Cloverleaf Creamery, said, "We've been open since Tuesday, was when we actually started serving and just seeing the growth and the steady increase of people, foot traffic coming through it's been really cool."

It has been a vision for many of these vendors to move and expand into the downtown area. Adalid Farfan, the owner of Rosti Xpress Mexican Food, has another food truck based out in Jerome, and although he was thinking about expanding to Twin, he was going to wait. However, when this opportunity came, he couldn't pass it up.

"My wife and I kind of talked about it, and it was something that, eventually, we're going to move down here to Twin. But we weren't expecting to do it that quick," said Farfan.

Although Cloverleaf Creamery sells its products to locations in Twin, they never had a physical site run by their own management in the area. They now hope they can truly showcase what Cloverleaf is about and get all of Twin addicted to their ice cream.

"Buhl is our only other location where you can actually get the full dipping station, where we're carrying 24 flavors. We make much more than 24 flavors, but we always just serve 24 rotational flavors. So we thought that would be kind of neat to get that out there," said Butterworth.

Like the vendors, the public is just as excited to try out this new, unique location. Many feel it is another stepping stone to help revitalize the downtown area.

Resident Robert Pross said, "It's going to expand that, and give people more choices and give them more reason to come downtown, and it's going to bring people back to this area."

While the building has been renovated to accommodate a more modern setting, the developers felt it necessary for the public to know its 94-year history. They have implemented that in some of the building's architecture.

Eric Butterworth of Cloverleaf was shocked when he saw the inside for the first time. "Walking in now and seeing all this drop ceiling gone and seeing all of this cool original timber, original windows all of this stuff, it really takes people back. I don't think they realize that this building has been around for so long."

Getting to work inside a building filled with history is a very cool bonus for many of these vendors. What makes coming into work even easier is, despite all being separate businesses trying to earn a living. They all are more than willing to help one another.

"People come for ice cream. We'll point them to other businesses right away like, Hey! You got to try these guys out! This is terrific Mexican food, this is terrific BBQ," said Butterworth.

Farfan added, "We just want to make it work, make it work as a team, you know we're all under the same roof. I believe that, let's say if the partner next door needs something and if I'm able to help him out, I will be more than happy too."