Is Silver City's Idaho Hotel haunted?

The owners of the Idaho Hotel in Silver City tucked away deep in the Owyhee Mountains think they might know.
Posted at 12:58 AM, Oct 30, 2022
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SILVER CITY, ID — When you hear things that go 'BOO!' in the night, you might get spooked, because you never know what you'll see around the corner. Who really knows what it is, or what it was?

The owners of the Idaho Hotel in Silver City, tucked away deep in the Owyhee Mountains, think they might know. I asked Jerri Nelson, who owns the historic hotel with her husband, about the possibility of weird things going on.

"You're serious about this, you truly believe that there are things that go bump and boom in the night correct?" I asked. "Well, ghosts don't go bump and boom they just kind of glide," responded Jerri.

I asked Nelson, from one Nelson to another, do you believe? "You're serious about this? You truly believe that there are things that go bump and boom in the night?"

"That's correct. Well, ghosts don't go bump or boom in the night, they kind of glide. But actually, when I walk down the halls, I sometimes walk through cold spots in the hotel. I cannot give you a reason why it's cold right here and it's not right there," explains Jerri.

So what kind of ghosts are there? Well there's a big gentleman wearing a tux and tails, there are children, and of course the lady in the white dress named 'Screaming Alice'. Alice fell down the third-floor staircase decades ago.

Jerri Nelson also talks about orbs - balls of energy that might mysteriously show up in a photograph, or as some people believe, can be seen if the sunlight hits it just right. She describes them as, "Little iridescent orbs going down the hallway it's not like they're going with the wind, they move."

Oh and let's not forget about the couple who spent the night and the wife thought there was someone sitting on the end of the bed. And according to Nelson, the woman's husband said, "I told her to be quiet. I put my hand over her mouth, and the next thing ... she bit me."

When the couple came downstairs the next morning the man's hand was still bleeding, so did something weird really happen? Jerri says not really, "there was nothing, he had left the duffle bag at the end of the bed."

So if you ever find yourself in Silver City for the day and you get a little too tired to drive home, there's always a room waiting for you at the Idaho hotel. Happy Halloween.

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