Hope House in Marsing gets generous donation of new basketball court

Big donation for Hope House
Posted at 9:19 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 23:19:48-04

MARSING — The Hope House in Marsing just got a huge helping hand from the community.

The Conger group along with local restaurant legend John Berryhill raised funds and built a 14 thousand dollar basketball court for kids who face challenges at home and in the classroom.
But then the Conger group said keep the money, we're doing it for free.

It's a huge donation because exercise is a key release for kids at the Hope House Home in Marsing.
Some are emotionally impaired, developmentally disabled or come from dysfunctional families. And they needed a new court.

"How can we help you guys and what do you need?" That's how it started, explains Gibson Berryhill, "They said a basketball court was one of the first things they said, so we hopped on that," Gibson and his dad John founded Bacon for Hope - named after John's restaurant - to aid the Hope house. They asked the Jim Conger with the Conger Group to help, and were met with an abundance of enthusiasm and generosity.

"Two weeks before we open the court, we saw him in boise and sat down with him and as we were leaving he said, hey the court is free." says Gibson.
Bacon for Hope had already raised the 14 grand to pay for the court, which Conger initially was going to build for cost. But now the gift was doubled.
"It just means that there's more left over for the next project and the next project might be to turn Bacon for Hope into a college scholarship for here," says John Berryhill.
But more immediately, the kids clearly love their new court. A shot from downtown... Boise.... that's being felt in the laughter and joy of the kids in Marsing.