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Winter weather creates compromising driving conditions

Posted at 5:42 AM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 08:01:54-05

MERIDIAN, Idaho — When the Interstate gets icy or even a little foggy the chances of seeing multiple slide offs, rollover's or crashes increase. As you pass by these accident's you may think to yourself "this won't happen to me" or "if that we're to happen to me I'd do "this" to avoid "that". But more times then not, first responder's find people who thought they knew what do doing exactly what they shouldn't.

We hear "increase you following distance" and "reduce your speed" while driving as preventive tips, but sometimes especially on slick roads it's important to know tips for the "when" not "if" you get in an accident, "if a vehicle is not that damaged then we ask them [driver] to try and move to the side of the road so as to not block traffic. A lot of our accidents are caused by previous accidents where they're still on the road." Trooper Christian Briggs, Idaho State Police. If you've been in an accident or would like to assist someone in an accident Trooper Briggs says it's best to stay in your car and call for help, exiting you vehicle could hold fatal consequences, "we have had people get out of their vehicle before and they have been hit and it’s never good when you get hit by a vehicle when traveling at freeway speeds."

So when heading out for the day, if driving conditions are concerning, Trooper Briggs suggests you, "plan extra time to travel in bad conditions definitely don’t speed. When you use your breaks, anti-lock breaking system is designed to provide that pumping for you."

For more on Idaho State Police safety information you can visit their website.