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Register your dog, it's the law

Posted at 7:28 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 10:30:58-05

BOISE, Idaho — Registering your animal is a simple and depending on where you live, inexpensive process. Many Idahoans are unaware that failing to register your dog in the city you reside is illegal and can result in a citation, monetary fines or court fees.

In the City of Boise, the law states in Section 6-07-17 under DOGS, SPECIAL PROVISIONS A. LICENSES; APPLICATION; FEES, "All dog licenses are valid for twelve (12) months and shall expire one (1) year from date of sale. The owner, or person having charge, of any dog over the age of sixteen (16) weeks within the City shall make application to the City Clerk, the Humane Shelter director, or other designated agent in the amount established by the Boise City Council and listed on the most current City Clerk License Fee Schedule. (No dog will be licensed as spayed or neutered without proof that such surgery was performed. Dog owners may choose to prepay licenses for one, two, or three years.)"

However, in the City of Boise the law also states that the only dogs exempt from this are, "any guide dog that has been properly trained for use by a legally blind person and for any guide-dog-puppy-in-training authorized by a certified guide dog school. License fees shall also be waived for any hearing ear dog that has been properly trained for use by a person with impaired hearing or any other severely disabled person who requires an assistance dog."

The Idaho Humane Society tells us that approximately 60 to 70% of stray dogs they receive are not registered. Fee's vary from city to city but no matter where you live, you can expect to pay more for your dog if they're not fixed. While many dogs throughout the state are not registered, it is worth noting that there are more benefits to you and your pet for having them licensed, "if everyone were to register their dogs, I think we’d probably have a lot more nicer facilities for dog parks and different things in the area that we could all enjoy", Kristine Schellhaas, Communications Manager at the Idaho Humane Society.

Licensing your pet also guarantees an affordable option for bailing your four-legged friend out of doggy-jail, Schellhaas says, "if your dog comes into the shelter wearing a license it’s only going to be a $15 redemption fee to get your dog back however if your dog is not licensed you’re looking at about a $90 for the City of Boise plus $55 license fee give or take depending on your dogs circumstances."

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