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Cold-weather crimes increasing around the Treasure Valley

Posted at 5:31 AM, Dec 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 08:23:06-05

NAMPA, Idaho — Vehicle thefts, home invasions and alcohol related offenses are just a few cold-weather crimes Nampa Police Department see's a slight increase in over winter, "thefts are always big this time of year" says Capt. Curt Shankel of the Nampa Police Department.

From car crimes to Christmas crimes, those boxes you recently tossed may put you and your family at risk of a home invasion, "it does let people know what you have, what's new in your home so, if you can, break those boxes down so the fit inside [your trash bin] and they're not out."

With alcohol related crimes, specifically DUI's on the rise, police officers have added extra reinforcement to patrol alcohol prone areas on and around the New Year. While law enforcement doesn't recommend leaving your car overnight in theft prone areas such as public parking lots, "it's better to leave your car then to drive drunk or drive intoxicated. However, if you can just plan ahead a little bit, it'll alleviate a lot of problems for you in the future."

If you're one of those pro-active people that carries a breathalyzer on your key chain or in your purse, the Nampa Police Department's captain says, "be cautious with those...they may or may not be as accurate as you think", Capt. Curt Shankel.

For more information contact the Nampa Police Department here.