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Neighbors worried new apartments will bring more traffic

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GARDEN CITY, Idaho — A proposed set of 4-story apartments buildings has some Garden City residents worried more cars will be filling roads like Glenwood St. and Marigold St.

  • Rennison Design applied for a minor land division in April this year
  • The proposal cuts Boise Bible colleges property into four pieces

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Glenwood Street is one of the buisest north-south routes in the Treasure Valley.

"One of the things that attracted me to boise from the very beginning is everything you want to do is 15 minutes away and now it's turning into more like half an hour away, biggest thing is the traffic you know I read through the proposal they want 480 parking spots,"
Sandy Capozzi, Garden City resident.

Sandy Capozzi's daily commute takes her down Glenwood and Marigold street where a new proposed housing project leaves her worried about the added traffic.

The parking spots come alongside a proposal for two new four-story apartment buildings near Boise Bible College.

Rennison Design applied for a minor land division in April to build on the open state. although the project is still pending, residents are reacting, concerned the added cars will cause issues.

Data from the Ada County Highway District shows an increase in traffic through Garden City in recent years, Stats from March 2022 show more than 85-hundred daily drivers heading down marigold and more than 41-thousand cars passing over the Glenwood bridge on New Year's Eve of last year.

Neighbors near the proposed complex worry it could lower property values and some like Capozzi wish the added developments would offer more single-family homes rather than high-density apartments.

"Traffic right now on coffee and Marigold is absolutely insane, all of these 20-year-olds that I work with it's pretty much out of touch for them they can't do it when you pay fifteen $1600 a month for rent and there's not going to be any homes for them there's only going to be apartments,"
Sherri Montosa, Garden City resident.