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Garden City going up: 7-story apartment further approved by city council

Posted at 9:57 PM, Jun 24, 2024

GARDEN CITY — On June 24, Garden City city council heard objections to the approval of a new seven story multi-family apartment development on Alworth Street. After hearing public comment, the council found the application met all standards of code and reaffirmed its original stance of approval.

  • Residents addressed issues like building height, parking, traffic, and other problems the apartment could create.
  • The parcel is zoned as a C2, which gives no restriction to building height in Garden City.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

On June 24, Garden city’s city council solidified plans for the largest apartment building in the city's history, but not without final objection from neighbors.

“They thought a seven-story building in a residential neighborhood fit so I didn't believe that to be true,” said Geoff Huwer, Garden City resident.

Huwer has been in Garden City for 8 years and is the HOA president for his area near the site where a new seven story multi-family apartment building will be developed on Alworth Street — something Huwer thinks is just too big.

“i don't think that you can take a big swath of the pie every time and keep getting, bigger, bigger, bigger,” Huwer said.

That was a common thread between a number of residents who spoke on issues like parking, traffic, and building height but at the end, council agreed the building met all standards of code including the zone which is C2, allowing no height restrictions to buildings.

“Obviously we are a little bit upset but we don't want 110 units going in across the street from us,” said Huwer.

Huwer wanting smaller steps but still understanding that the Treasure Valley is growing, and Garden City is growing with it.

“More baby steps that you take on your way to get into 7-8 floors makes more sense,” said Huwer. “I think overall when you're talking about the growth of Garden City, I think that's optimistic."