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Boise Hawks give back to the 208 on 2/08

Posted at 5:20 PM, Feb 08, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — The second annual '208 day' took place on Thursday. The Boise Hawks gave out prizes along with all of their employees giving time to community projects and nonprofits across the Treasure Valley.

  • The day started with the Hawks serving at the Idaho Food Bank.
  • 208 prizes were given out including baseball tickets, gift cards, and many other donated gifts.
  • Mike Van Hise, general manager and vice president of the Boise Hawks regarding the day said, "We’re thrilled to see the already outpouring of support from our partners and look forward to watching this great state and area code come together.”

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Giving back to Boise.

“It does feel good, you're making that impact especially here at the food bank you're helping those families that are in need of actual food and items,” said Paige Plotzke, marketing manager with the Boise Hawks.

That's the goal of 208 Day as the Boise Hawks spend their Thursday, February 8th, giving time to community projects and nonprofits like the Idaho Foodbank.

“They did a great job, they moved pallet after pallet out so it's fun to see it and this will go on our shopping list today, so people have access to this great food thanks to them,” said Jane Mclaughlin, volunteer manager at the Idaho Foodbank.

Jane Mclaughlin with the Idaho Foodbank says every hand helps.

“The needs big and having people come in for just a couple hours a day can make a huge difference,” said Mclaughlin.

The Boise Hawks staff helps to provide meals for up to twenty-five hundred families. I got the chance to hop in and pack food as well. The team is also giving out 208 prizes to the community to show their appreciation for the Treasure Valley.

“Just a day of giving back to the community for us since throughout the season and even in the off-season we get so much support from the community, our partners, the fans, you know we couldn't do anything without them really,” said Plotzke.

“It’s insane, just the constant support that we get from everyone. It grows year by year which is incredible to see,” said Plotzke.