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'I'm holding it right now': Hikers react to out-of-commission outhouse in Military Reserve

Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-05 17:48:21-04

BOISE FOOTHILLS, Idaho — A crash over the weekend left the restroom at the Freestone Creek Trailhead barely standing.

  • The restroom at the Freestone Creek Trailhead was destroyed after a driver crashed into it.
  • Boise Parks and Rec is working to get what's left of the restroom demolished
  • A new restroom could take six months to be installed
  • Below is a map of the nearest, still-standing, restrooms

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

“Of all the things I thought that might happen along the trail, this was not one of them!” says Jeff Kuhns.

“Where are we gonna pee now?” asks Carri Anderson.

“I’m holding it right now,” says Samuel Forsyth.

Hiking in the Military Reserve can work up quite a sweat.

“When we’re out here we sweat a lot, we drink a lot of water,” says Anderson.

But visitors to the park now have one less option for a place to find relief.

“They did a good job of wrecking the whole thing, it’s totaled”

A crash over the weekend left the restroom at the Freestone Creek Trailhead barely standing

“Well, there’s the old restroom sign, that used to be a side wall… it's just obliterated!” says Kuhns.

For visitors like Linda Beebe, who lives nearby and visits the park 4-5 times a week to walk the family dog… This restroom has been useful.

“I come over here all the time. And sometimes this restroom has been in handy,” says Beebe.

She’s upset to see it in its current condition.

“This was a little shocking… it's just sad… and it was a super nice outhouse, it was well kept,” says Beebe.

Superintendent of Open Space for Boise Parks and Rec Lisa DuPlessie says they are focusing on solutions for visitors

“We’re just here for cleanup, so trying to get the conveniences back out here for trail users,” says DuPlessie.

As for Linda, she’s left looking through the rubble.

“I don’t even know what that piece is over there… OH, it's the door! Oh for heaven’s sake,” Beebe says.