Finding Hope


Couple helps those that struggle with addiction

Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 19:29:35-04

TWIN FALLS,Idaho — Katie Ayers-Hicks and Cody Hicks both serve the Magic Valley Fellowship Hall with a desire to see change in their community.

The couple both struggled with addiction before coming to the fellowship hall and now work together to help people who want change in their lives. Katie has been sober for over three years but says her addiction started by accident.

"It accidentally began with an injury and a prescription of pain pills that the doctor had over prescribed," Katie said. "It was never some conscious decision, it just happened before I knew how to control it and then I was so far into it. It’s devastating.”

Katie has worked as the Fellowship Halls director for eight months and her husband Cody is the vice president of the board of directors.

Cody said getting the chance to see peoples life changes gives him motivation to continually work on his sobriety.

“For us its amazing, like we get to see the happiness come back into their life and we get to see the joy and I think for me that, that's huge for me, that helps me stay sober," said Cody.

The Magic Valley Fellowship has served the Twin Falls community since 1988 and average 1,400-plus people coming through their doors every month.

The nonprofit's goal is to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. If you would like to donate or help the Magic Valley Fellowship Hall you can call there number at (208) 736-0918.