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BabySteps of St. Michaels helps moms in need 'grow with the baby'

BabySteps "store" allows moms in need to gain supplies
Posted at 10:46 AM, Jul 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-24 08:33:17-04

At BabySteps, a nonprofit program of St. Michaels in Boise, young mothers gain support and community. 

“Being a first-time mom, it has helped me a lot," program participant Mirna Coronado told Idaho News 6 .

Coronado has a one-year-old named Max and she's been a participant of BabySteps since she was seven months pregnant.

"It just helps learning new stuff that I didn't even know existed or how to become a good mom, have patience and just grow with the baby," she said.

Coronado found out about the program through a friend and word of mouth can go along way in this community. BabySteps has been offering support to new moms for 20 years now, and in that time helped at least 1,800 families.

“I really think it's the relationships," Julie Ribbens, BabySteps volunteer said, "this is a two year program. So we meet moms and we really develop a friendship and get to know one another and so that's really what keeps me coming back.”

For four years, Ribbens has been offering her free time to lead classes, work at the points-based "Baby Boutique" and build relationships.

“I love that we have moms from all over the world and children from all over the world, and we can all come together and support each other and value motherhood and learn from one another," Ribbens said.

The moms in the program attend at least one class a month which earns them points they can spend at the "Baby Boutique." The "store" has all the supplies young mothers from clothes to car seats.

BabySteps "store" allows moms in need to gain supplies
Mirna Coronado and baby Max shop for new clothes at the "Baby Boutique"

"I'm planning on taking diapers, some baby wipes, lotion for the baby," Coronado said," diapers are so expensive, milk is so expensive. To come in here and just take 30 minutes, doing some projects, doing some readings, you get points and you get a shop around. Even a bag of diapers helps out a lot since it is so expensive out there."

The BabySteps program is for pregnant women and moms with babies up to age two. The program supports limited-income pregnant and parenting mothers through education and incentives to promote​ healthy pregnancies, babies, and families. The program is free for attendees.

BabySteps currently has a waitlist for expecting mothers and is in need of help with their childcare center.

You can donate to the Community Babyshower by visiting the Idaho News 6 website. Albertsons stores all over the Treasure Valley will be accepting hard goods donations (diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.) on July 26.