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Albertsons supports the Community Baby Shower

Company outlines it's dedication: past, present and future.
Posted at 8:59 AM, Jul 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-26 14:59:54-04

Joe Albertson built his first store in Boise -- on 16th Street -- more than 80 years ago. And since that humble beginning, his company has always been about community involvement.

Today, Albertsons is everywhere in Boise, from sponsoring the Boise State Football Stadium to the beautiful Katherine Albertson Park. And every year, Albertsons is a huge player and partner in one of the most impactful charitable events in The City of Trees.

Idaho News 6 talked with Kathy Holland, Public Relations from Albertsons about the company's commitment to the baby shower.

"Well, we consider Idaho home and we're so excited to support the community that supported us for so many years. So giving back to support all ages all family members, even the youngest Idahoans with the community baby shower."

The company has maintained the philosophy started by Joe Albertson over 80 years ago.

"We've had a wonderful legacy here in the Treasure Valley" says Holland, "Joe Albertson started his first store in 1939 and always worked to give back to the community. And so we've carried on that legacy ... his philosophy of helping support our community. And we want to be good neighbors."

And when you're one of the largest grocery chains in the nation, with more than 22 hundred stores, we'll, you're a neighbor who can provide a lot more than a cup of sugar.

"Over the last 9 years, we've helped provide over 700,000 diapers and over $50,000 in cash to support the charities. That's a big deal," explains Holland. "That's incredible! And to think of all the families and young children that this event has helped support over 17 years."

Albertsons can support whatever it wants on the charitable front, but the company knows that the Community Baby Shower is not short-term.

It's about teaching life skills.

"Not just a hand out but a hand up. It's learning how to be wonderful parents and members of the community. Learning about finances and how to take care of their bills and further their education and support their families," says Holland. "They're taking these classes and going through these courses and these diapers and wipes are incentives they can get from courses they're taking."

And Holland says Albertsons sees the Community Baby Shower as a long-term deal.

You can donate to the Community Baby Shower by visiting the Idaho News 6 website. Albertsons stores all over the Treasure Valley will be accepting hard goods donations (diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.) on July 26.