Boise Parks & Recreation crews remove graffiti from Kathryn Albertson Park

Posted at 6:26 PM, May 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-13 23:38:33-04

BOISE — UPDATE: Boise Parks and Rec employees have successfully removed vandalism on the stone signage of Kathryn Albertson Park.

Someone spray painted profanity on the decorative stones at the park's entrance used as a popular backdrop for prom pictures and photo shoots.

"Whenever there is vandalism or graffiti at any park location, its our policy to abate that vandalism within twenty four hours," Parks and Recreation director Doug Holloway said. "So we might not get it completely removed within twenty four hours, but we will actually be out working on getting it removed within that twenty four hour period."

We caught up with a Boise couple who got married at Kathryn Albertson Park and says people should just take a step back and appreciate what we have here in Boise.

"I think it's pathetic. I hope they find who did it because it's one of Boise's jewels and people should have more respect for things that the public can enjoy," said David Hand.

Boise Parks & Recreation officials say the police have been notified.

No word yet on who was responsible.