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Boise's wellness community grows with cold plunge events at Cold Cowboy Club

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jun 16, 2024

BOISE BENCH, Idaho — The Cold Cowboy Club is a wellness center that offers contrast therapy with hot saunas and cold plunge baths.

  • Founder Dr. John Hickey is working to grow Boise's burgeoning wellness community through events and group sessions.
  • The treatments are believed to relieve stress, regulate the nervous system and reduce inflammation.
  • You can visit Cold Cowboy Club's websitefor more on sessions and upcoming events.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

“I really used to struggle with my health,” said Cold Cowboy Club founder, Dr. John Hickey.

Hickey became an avid cold plunger when he was facing his own health struggles with depression and anxiety.

“One of the biggest things that helped me with my overall health was ice baths and regulating my nervous system through contrast therapy,” says Hickey.

This is why he created the Cold Cowboy Club, offering contrast therapy with hot saunas and cold plunge baths.

“The sauna is set to 180-190 degrees, and the cold plunge is around 40 degrees.”

The treatments are said to relieve stress, regulate your nervous system, and reduce inflammation.

But beyond offering wellness therapy, Hickey wanted to create a community.

“The heart of Cold Cowboy Club is called social wellness — the idea you can bring a friend, you can come do an ice bath, you can challenge yourself,” says Hickey. He partners with groups around Boise to host events and workouts where people, whether first-timers or veterans, can support each other through it.

“I think coming to an event like this is a great opportunity to just jump in and do it for the first time. I also always jump in a tub with someone, holding hands and talking through it,” says cold plunger Alex Ward.

Ward is a member of Boise’s burgeoning wellness community and she turned to Cold Cowboy Club to help her recovery after vigorous exercise.

“I’m very high impact on my body. I work out every day, so this keeps me doing what I love,” says Ward.

“One of my goals is to put Boise on the map for wellness, do events, really bring people together in a way that's different than happy hours and that type of stuff, so it's awesome that people can feel great, connect with each other in the community, and improve their health together,” says Hickey.