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BUILDING COLLAPSE: Day after tragedy reveals devastating scene as investigations begin

Posted at 7:53 PM, Feb 01, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — In the aftermath of a devastating building collapse near Boise Airport that claimed three lives and left nine injured, investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have taken charge of the scene.

  • 39,000-square-foot private hangar under construction at the Jackson Jet Center collapsed, causing chaos and resulting in multiple fatalities and injuries.
  • The collapsed hangar was privately owned, next to the Jackson Jet headquarters. Despite the severity of the incident, airport operations remained unaffected, highlighting the localized impact of the disaster on private infrastructure.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

We are on the site of the deadly building collapse next to the Boise Airport that left three dead and nine injured. I'm Riley Shoemaker, your South Boise neighborhood reporter. We have been here all day at the catastrophic scene where City of Boise workers have now fenced off the metal structure. It has been turned over to OSHA for investigation.

"It was a pretty global collapse. It was fairly catastrophic," says Aaron Hummel with the Boise Fire Department. The call came just before 5 pm Wednesday night. A 39,000-square-foot private hangar, under construction at the Jackson Jet Center, collapsed with dozens of workers on site.

"There was a large-scale collapse of the building. I don't know what caused it," says Hummel. Multiple agencies from across the valley responding to the call, including Boise Fire and Boise Police. "It was a very chaotic scene, as you can imagine," says Hummel.

The collapsed hangar is on the Boise Airport property, but it is a privately owned building, next to the current Jackson Jet headquarters. Airport operations were not impacted. A day later, large steel beams are bent in half, studs are ripped from cement, and construction materials and vehicles are crushed under metal.

I was on the scene when crews began fencing off the area as OSHA takes over the investigation. Boise Fire tells us many of their members are undergoing peer support. Any further updates about what caused the collapse and next steps at the site will come from OSHA representatives.

Wright Street, the road that runs between the airport and its long-term economy parking, is still closed off at this time.