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2007 Fiesta Bowl still talked about today

Broncos upset the favored Oklahoma Sooners
Posted at 2:30 PM, Dec 21, 2023

PHOENIX, Arizona — There is no denying that one of the biggest stories of our 50 years on air happened in Phoenix, Arizona at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The undermanned and underdog Boise State Broncos taking on one college football’s giants, the Oklahoma Sooners. OU was favored by seven and half points, and some thought the spread should have been higher.

 Just days before the game I spoke with then Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier about the merits of Boise State's success on and off the field, and how pleasantly surprised Fiesta Bowl officials were when they saw the ticket sales. “They want that fan base? Absolutely they need people to travel, rely on those hotel rooms and all the money those people are going to spend while they’re in Phoenix.”

Star running back Ian Johnson told Idaho News 6 this before getting on the team bus to the airport. “We’re ready to go down there get some work done have fun with our families we’re definitely ready to go down there to play this football game.”

 The game came down to three now very infamous plays.

The hook and ladder that sent the game to overtime. The Wildcat offense that saw backup wide receiver Vinny Perretta, lined up as a running back, take the snap, roll to his right, and throw a touchdown pass to tight end Derek Schouman, who had lined up as a wide receiver, to bring Boise State within one point at 42–41.

And then of course the play that was heard around the world. The Statue of Liberty play saw running back Ian Johnson take the sneak hand off from quarterback Jared Zabransky for the two point conversion to win the game…43-42. Lastly, who could forget Ian Johnson proposing to his girlfriend on the sideline after the game. The players were almost speechless, including star linebacker Korey Hall. “It’s an awesome feeling, overwhelming so many people. And it came down to the wire. Nothing to them it’s all about the Broncos, about the Broncos."

The game cemented the Boise State Broncos as a top tier program, a place they strive to be every year.