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We're Open: As owners adjust to new normal, life at Lundstrom Farms goes on

Posted at 2:59 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 17:02:38-04

JEROME, Idaho — With the statewide stay-home order extended for the next few weeks, local farms and businesses are hunkering down and preparing for a continuation of this new normal.

Just one, Lundstrom Farms, is taking extra precautions to weather the storm. Three years ago, Owner Cheyann Lundstrom and her husband bought the property in Jerome.

"A year later my husband got sick, and he had fluid around his heart. So he is immuno-compromised," Lundstrom said. "We've been home since it started."

Being home has made it a challenge to do business. The farm raises livestock, specifically pigs and chickens, to provide a local meat option for consumers.

Lundstrom says a love for her animals drives her to work hard to keep the farm going.

"It's our love, it's our money, because a lot of my animals I love them. I can't not love them. That's why I do this," Lundstrom said. "Happy animals make happy meat and it tastes different."

Despite the challenges of doing business, and the extra precautions Lundstrom has to take to protect her family from COVID-19, she's working with her customers to make sure they're taken care of. She says life on the farm goes on, pandemic or not.

"We know this is going to end, and we can't just lounge around all day in our PJs," Lundstrom said. "We have stuff to do."

Lundstrom says she tries to have a postive mindset, and hopes the silver lining of this situation will be a renewed interest in supporting local businesses--not just for her, but for others as well.

"Stay home if you're sick, but if you're not come out and support local," Lundstrom said. "Take the extra time to let us put something together for you. We care about our produce just as much as you care about what you're putting together from the store."

For now, Lundstrom is putting together baskets to sell in order to help keep the farm running. If you're interested in ordering a basket, you can reach out to them on their Facebook page.