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Businesses adapt for Idaho Craft Beer Month during the coronavirus

Posted at 4:27 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 18:27:37-04

NAMPA, Idaho — April is Idaho Craft Beer month, but like a lot of other industries the local brewers, distributors and watering holes have had to adapt because of the ramifications caused by the coronavirus.

Some breweries are offering deliveries, while others have implemented a curbside approach and since we can't hit our local establishments people are posting online with their favorite craft beer with the #Pints up Idaho.

We checked in with PREfunk who opened its doors in 2014 and quickly became a staple in downtown Nampa.

“We have basically become a coffee shop that serves beer, that is how we describe it," said Ryan Driscoll. "We just love being in Nampa, it has been so good to us.”

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt this establishment's bottom line as businesses adjust in these uncertain times.

"Uncertainty is the scariest part," said Driscoll. "We’ve had to pivot and change to become more of a to go entity and truthfully we are very thankful we even have that opportunity.”

But the Idaho craft beer industry is a collaborative one and PREfunk will work with breweries to keep their beer available and the breweries themselves work together even though they compete against one another.

“We’ve had such great support during this time and that is probably the biggest thing I want to highlight," said Angie Mullins of 2C Family Brewing Company which is right across the street from PREfunk. "All the breweries in the area have reached out to us and we’ve reached out to them.”

2C Family Brewing Company is a veteran owned family business run by Angie and her father, they opened their brewery just ten months ago.

“We predominately brew Belgium and German style beers with a northwest spin," said Mullins. “We’re hanging in there we are trying to stay positive."

These business want to thank their customers who continue to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic and people have responded by doing a virtual toast to celebrate Idaho Craft Beer Month.

“It was just cool to see people were buying our cans, they were buying cans from Mother Earth, Clairvoyant, Payette and others," said Mullins. "It's people that can’t necessarily spend a lot of money right now but they are still trying to do what they can and I think that is awesome.”

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