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Virginia animal shelter stumped after no one claims abandoned dogs

The animal shelter shared photos of the dogs all over social media, but no one has come forward to claim them.
Virginia animal shelter stumped after no one claims abandoned dogs
Posted at 8:14 AM, Jan 10, 2024

Staff at the Colonial Heights Animal Shelter in Virginia are stumped after two Shetland sheepdogs, or shelties, were dropped off after they were found alone near a Walmart. 

The animal shelter shared photos of the two dogs all over social media, but no one has yet come forward to claim them.

Amanda Richards of Colonial Heights Animal Services says the two shelties are well-behaved and well-liked.

"They do know basic commands. They like to nap a lot," Richards said.

A woman dropped the shelties off at Colonial Heights Animal Services on Jan. 2 and explained to staff that she found them on Dec. 29.

"She had found them on the automotive side of Walmart, in the city of Colonial Heights, around 7 p.m.," Richards said. She says it was evident that they were very well taken care of.

"Obviously you can tell that they have, at some point in time, been groomed.  They don’t seem to be or have been out for a very lengthy time period," Richards pointed out.

In trying to find their owner, animal services turned to social media. Richards says there have been thousands of shares, especially across platforms aimed at dog lovers.

However, this is where Richards says the situation is "a little bizarre."

"It’s a little bit more strange that not a simple person at this point has either called with any decent lead or messaged us in any capacity or at this point given the time from other family members that of the people that may own them, might have come forward and recognized them," Richards said.

Animal services have additionally been in contact with veterinarians in the area, as well as other animal shelters and rescue groups — and there have been no leads.

Dozens have tried to make contact with animal services to try to adopt the pair. All were denied as they are not available for adoption.

For now, they will remain at the shelter, while Richards and shelter staff continue looking for the original owners.

They say when the time comes for adoption, the shelties will only be able to be adopted as a pair.

If you have any information on the owner of the two dogs, animal services asks you to call 804-520-9397.

This story was originally published by Wayne Covil at Scripps News Richmond.

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