SYSCO KITCHEN: Reel Foods Crab Cakes

Posted at 3:42 AM, Apr 06, 2017
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Reel Foods Fish Market-Sushi & Oyster Bar is the only FRESH seafood market in the Treasure Valley with the largest variety of fresh and frozen seafood, soups/chowders, sauces, and everything needed for an in-home sushi dinner. Sushi has never been FRESHER in the Treasure Valley with Chef "G" in our NEW Sushi Bar. Our FRESH Oyster Bar offers a large variety of oysters, as well as the BEST Clam Chowder and Fish n Chips in town.....easily! With over 91 years of culinary experience between five Chefs we are able to provide the Boise area with fine-dining restaurant quality seafood as Chefs and Fishmongers. So when you want the BEST and FRESHEST seafood in the Treasure Valley, it is Reel Foods Fish Market-Sushi & Oyster Bar!

Crab Cakes Reel Foods

Crab Meat 1 Lb

Place crab in bowl and shred ½ by hand, leaving ½ in lump.
Place in a large bowl and keep cool.

Celery 5 oz
Garlic 1 tsp
Red Onions 2 oz
Olive oil 1 Tbl

Heat Olive Oil in a skillet over medium high heat.  Add the Celery, Garlic and Onions and saute until soft.   Cool. When cool add to Crab in the bowl.

Celery Seed ¾ tsp
Garlic Salt ¼ tsp
Cayenne Pepper 1/8 tsp
Old Bay 1 tsp
Season Salt ¼ tsp
White Pepper 1/8 tsp

Add Spices to bowl.

Rice Panko 1 oz

Add panko to bowl.

Mayonnaise 2 ½ oz

Add mayonnaise to bowl and mix gently.
Do not mush the crab!!

Portion into .25 servings, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate!