Jeffrey Epstein's 'little black book' just went up for auction. Here's whose names are listed in it

There are reportedly 221 names listed that haven't been publicly linked to the convicted sex offender, who died in 2019.
Jeffrey Epstein
Posted at 7:33 PM, May 16, 2024

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein once had a "little black book," a place where he would write the names, addresses, phone numbers and other information of those associated with his sordid past. Now that book — and all of its information — is up for auction.

Bidding began Wednesday for the infamous item. It contains names and potential contact information for high-profile figures like former President Donald Trump, attorney Alan Dershowitz and former U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy inside its 64 pages, according to Alexander Historical Auctions.

The auction organizer says the book dates back to the mid-1990s and includes 221 names that didn't appear in Epstein's better-known 2004 "black book," which the FBI used against him in legal proceedings. Its contents and names were first leaked by Gawker in 2015.

Business Insider reports names in the auction book not previously publicly linked to Epstein include Melania Trump's best friend and New York Jets co-owner Suzanna Ircha, Chris Cuomo's wife Cristina Greeven, Carl Icahn — special adviser to Donald Trump during his presidency — and Jill Harth, who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.

Jeffrey Epstein's "black book" is shown.
Jeffrey Epstein's "black book" is shown.

Alexander Historical Auctions says the 389 printed entries — two of which the auction house says appear on the last page in "childlike" writing similar to but not confirmed to be Epstein's — vary from being only a few lines to 15 or more each.

94 names have a checkmark written next to them, and five are highlighted in yellow. All five, Alexander Historical Auctions says, are names of "well-recognized financial and industrial figures." Donald Trump is one of them.

There's also information about Epstein's past, including his former home addresses and telephone numbers. One entry for "masseuse/masseur" lists 24 names and numbers, one named "ugly back up" and eight titled "exercise people."

None of the prominent figures listed in the auction's book have been implicated in Epstein's crimes, Alexander Historical Auctions and Business Insider report. The significance of the checkmarks and highlighting is also unknown.

The auction house said a woman found this edition of the disgraced financier's book on a Manhattan sidewalk in the 90s and put it in storage. She rediscovered it in 2020 and realized it belonged to Epstein, who died in his prison cell the year before while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking minors.

After media outlets were disinterested in it, the woman put the book up on eBay believing it to be a copy, and the current owner, a then-graduate student in the Northeast, purchased it.

Jeffrey Epstein.


Unsealing of Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse documents concludes

AP via Scripps News
6:19 AM, Jan 10, 2024

The FBI stated the 90s "black book" wasn't of evidentiary importance when it was discovered after Epstein's death, but Business Insider still had forensic document examiners confirm its authenticity.

A copy of their report citing evidence within the book — including how they called and confirmed numbers listed, alarm codes and internet modem lines from his residences and information about his relatives — is available to potential bidders.

Interested bidders can examine the book by appointment only at Alexander Historical Auctions' offices. And Bids will be accepted by mail if they're accompanied by a "recognized banker's letter" showing enough funds are available to purchase and a copy of the bidder's driver's license or passport ID page. The identity of potential buyers and their bid amounts will all be kept "strictly confidential," the auction house said.

Mail-in bids will close June 15, and the following day, the top two bidders will receive a FedEx note saying they can make a final offer within five days. The consignor then can accept or decline the final, highest offer. If declined, the book will be offered at a public auction in July.