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Turn your baby’s clothes into keepsake ‘memory bears’

Turn your baby’s clothes into keepsake ‘memory bears’
Posted at 11:38 AM, Feb 09, 2024

Just because your baby has outgrown their clothes doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. This is such a clever and sweet thing to do with a onesie after your baby has outgrown it: Artists and crafty moms are turning those old baby clothes into teddy bears — and other parents are absolutely loving the idea.

These so-called “memory bears” are keepsakes that can be cherished by parents and kids for many years to come. There are other animals you can try besides bears, too!

Memory Bears Made From Baby Clothes

Check out some of these examples from Etsy, where artists turn those tiny outfits into precious, creative bears that your kids can cuddle with.

This bear by 4MonstersMerchandise is covered with sweet little penguins. You can even opt to have the artist stitch the baby’s name and birth date on the bottom of the bear’s foot.

teddy bear and onesie

$48.03 at Etsy

Check out this stuffed elephant made from “little brother” pajamas. You would never know he was once a onesie! He’s so cute, and we love the personalized embroidery in the ears.

big brother onesie and stuffed elephant

$74.37 at Etsy

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For something really special, parents often make a memory bear from the outfit their little bundle of joy was wearing when he or she left the hospital. We can imagine that would never end up buried in the attic!

Typically, you are responsible for sending the garment you want the designer to use, but if you have sewing skills of your own you don’t necessarily have to pay someone else to make you a memory bear!

How To DIY

If you have the sewing skills, Etsy seller Sher’s Memory Bears offers a pattern with instructions you can buy for just $7.49.

sher's memory bears ad
Sher's Memory Bears

$7.49 at Etsy

Sharon “Sher” Sopoci, who made the pattern and has years of experience making memory bears, offers some advice.

“The main thing, no matter what fabric you’re using, is to add fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric,” she wrote.

Sopoci said interfacing will help to prevent the fabric from bunching. She also shared the following advice:

  • For sewing beginners: When you’re using the pattern to cut pieces, remember to cut two opposite pieces (one for each half of the bear).
  • Instead of adding the interfacing to separate onesie pieces, try lining and ironing the entire onesie at one time before cutting (a huge time-saver).

What do you think: Will you try your hand at sewing a memory bear yourself or leave it to the pros and send in your desired material? We think you can’t go wrong either way — these are too cute!

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