Treasure Valley women qualify to compete in Russia in the sport of "grip"

Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-30 20:09:55-05

Two Treasure Valley women are making world records in the sport of arm lifting. Sunday, they hosted an event open to others to compete to qualify for Team USA in Idaho.

Amy Wattles started training when her daughter was only three months old.

"I'd pop her up on her saucer when I was outside training and the people I was training with at the time were like never ever end your workout without training grip so that was in my head from the beginning so throughout the years I've just picked up natural grip strength," says Amy Wattle, Competitive Athletic Performance Center.

Wattles says women weren't always able to compete in the sport of grip which is any event that tests the strength of your hands.

"Way back in the day, it was a mens only competition and people keep saying hey what about the ladies, hey what about the ladies and we're never included so this is the first year for the women."

Dani Schwalb is a high school PE teacher in Caldwell.

"Both women are teachers in the Treasure Valley and both are professional strong women."

They're hosting an event for people to qualify for team USA in Idaho.

"I mean the women locally, number one are a tight group and always pushing each other," said Wattles.

It's something both say can have a huge impact on someone's life.

"I don't think if I wasn't a PE teacher, I wouldn't take it as seriously or it wouldn't matter that much to me, but they're supposed to look up to me, I'm supposed to be a role model and I'm a nobody from Boise, Idaho. If I can do it," said Dani Schwalb, professional strongwoman.

They will both be attending the Arnold Sports festival in March. The competition in Russia is in May. Both women qualified. Amy wattles will be attending.