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These robots can make you coffee, cocktails, you name it

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, companies unveiled robots and machines creating unique drink experiences.
These robots can make you coffee, cocktails, you name it
Posted at 3:56 PM, Jan 12, 2024

A robot could be your next bartender or barista. And to take it one step further: They can use artificial intelligence to create a better experience, including reading your mood to more accurately recommend a drink, for example.

Richtech Robotics ADAM Robot Barista

ADAM is an AI-enabled humanoid robot that can make you your coffee while telling stories, or dancing.

“He does have the ability to recognize people when they approach, recognize their movements and begin to start that engagement process. Additionally the AI that he’s got embedded in him allows him to recognize the tools in his environment, such as the mixer, the cups, more accurately and quickly so that he can continue to make any type of drink. We have a menu of over hundreds of drinks that ADAM can make,” said Matt Casella, the president of Richtech Robotics.

It takes roughly under a minute to make an average drink.

This year at CES, ADAM debuted new, improved AI capabilities. ADAM can also be a robot bartender or boba tea maker. The robot is able to work alongside humans.

“I think there's enough room in our restaurant and beverage landscapes that there’s going to be solutions like ADAM that are going to be clear winners,” Casella said. “A big push for us is going to be continuing to sell ADAM and continuing to partner with people who want to deploy ADAM at scale.”

ADAM is currently deployed at locations in New York, Oakland, and Las Vegas.

@scrippsnews The robots are getting smarter. 🤖 Here are a few of the drink industry robots and machines we found at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this week. And yes, one of them can determine what kind of cocktail you need based on your facial expression and mood. #ArtificialIntelligence #drinks #CES2024 ♬ original sound - Scripps News

Doosan Robotics Moodie Robot Bartender

This robot by Doosan Robotics can analyze your facial expression using artificial intelligence.

“Then based on your feeling it recommends you the right cocktail, a very customized cocktail,” said William Ryu, the CEO of Doosan Robotics.

The robot can make both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The lights and music around the robot can also change based on your mood.

“We worked together with Microsoft ChatGPT, using the AI technology and our robot technology,” Ryu said.

The first robot pours and shakes the drink, and the second robot adds garnish and serves the drink to the customer.

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Barsys 360

This machine may not have artificial intelligence integrated into it, but it’s something you can actually purchase for your home.

“Barsys is digitizing the drinking experience using consumer robotics and a SaaS-based application,” said Akshet Tewari, the CEO of Barsys.

The machine can be loaded with up to 6 mixers and liquors at a time.

“Once you put in all of your ingredients, the app shows you all of the cocktails it can make,” Tewari said.

Once the mixer is loaded into the machine and you’ve chosen a cocktail, you press ‘make’ on the app and it starts.

“On the app you can also find really amazing recipes from the best bars,” Tewari said.

The machine is available for purchase online and costs $475. It comes in two colors.

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