Study shows Idaho has the most wine consumption per capita

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jan 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 06:53:22-05

According to a study from an alcohol tracking group, there's a lot of thirsty Idahoans. The study says the gem state comes in first in the nation for the most wine consumption per capita.

"A lot of wine is consumed in the state of Idaho and there's not a lot of people. I think awareness, close proximity, we're close to California and Washington so we're close to big wine regions and I think people are getting to be aware that Idaho is a wine growing region as well," said Moya Dolsby, executive director, Idaho Wine Commission.

Dolsby says there is more demand for wines in Idaho than there is supply. Some wineries have to ship in grapes from other states like Washington, Oregon, and California.

"So the fruit needs to be sourced from Washington state which I think is still great, I mean you know not everybody can buy Idaho fruit and if they want to start out and they don't have the contracts with the wineries, with the vineyards then they need to go elsewhere," said Ilena Dudunake, A New Vintage Wine Shop.

"You have a lot of people coming in so Californians, people from Oregon, Washington," said Crystal Potter, owner, Potter Wines.

"I think you have native Idahoans who maybe thirty years ago. You know, their parents didn't have a lot of wine options. It was Franzia or Blue Nun or something and we have a lot more options now," said Potter

Dolsby says with the demand, the Idaho wine industry needs to keep up.

"What we have to do to get more wine in Idaho is we have to get more grapes and it takes three to five years for grapes to mature. We have to plant now and have a plan for those grapes and plant in the right spots and plant the right things so it's a whole system," said Dolsby.

To check out the study click here.