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Motorcycle club members weigh in on road awareness and riding safety

What to wear and what to do before and while you ride.
Posted at 10:07 PM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-15 00:07:32-04

STAR, IDAHO — With the nice sunny weather inviting folks to bring out their motorcycles for joy rides, a few members of Rock Machine Motorcycle Club want to remind drivers of a few safety precautions.

  • BPD says there have been 15 accidents involving motorcycles this year.
  • 6 of these accidents have happened in May alone.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there were 593 crashes involving motorcycles in 2023 resulting in 37 casualties.
  • The proper attire to wear when riding is a helmet, pads, and close-toed shoes.
  • For more safety tips for riders click here.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

We all take a risk when we get on the road, but for motorcyclists, even seemingly minor accidents can turn deadly. I'm your Star neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston, and as warmer weather encourages folks to get out for a ride, I met up with a few bikers from Rock Machine Motorcycle Club to share some important safety reminders.

"Every time I start that bike, there is always that chance. That feeling of life. How quickly you can go. Nobody knows when their card is up," said Christian Olvera.

Olvera, the VP of Rock Machine Motorcycle Club knows the dangers of riding bikes, having been in a few accidents himself.

Olvera told me the story of his most recent accident saying, "When that lady pulled out and did a u-turn, she wasn’t looking at the traffic ahead, which I was coming, she was looking at the car behind, made that u, and ended up t-boning her. I wasn't wearing a full-faced helmet. I was wearing a German novelty helmet. My head did hit the thing. It could have been worse."

According to BPD, this year in Boise there have been 15 crashes involving motorcycles, six of those being in May, with the most recent happening Monday morning.

"Sometimes you get carried away because you are getting that wind therapy. You're feeling good. Especially when you got a couple guys with you," smiled club president, Alexander Arrington.

Arrington has been riding for 35 years. I asked him about the different experiences of riding a bike versus a car.

Arrington nodded saying, "It doesn't seem like it's different. But it is so different. You got to pay attention to everything. Just got to be aware of your surroundings on two wheels. You got to be aware of gravel, potholes, oil spills, too much water."

Both men explained that these rules apply to everyone on the road as well. But, even then, the bikers say that it takes a lot more than being aware on just the road.

"Checking your bike is another big thing too. Checking your air is good in your tire. Checking if bolts are tightened down, any little thing," explained Olvera.

Arrington added, "The back tire. That's the main thing you got to make sure is good. You don't want a bald back tire."

"Not only are cars dangerous to us, but we are dangerous to cars as well," finished Olvera.

Both bikers agreed the easiest thing to do to stay safe while riding is to wear the proper attire, like a helmet, closed-toed shoes, and pads.