Vogel the running wizard for the Broncos

Posted at 7:51 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 22:00:00-04

When you play the game of soccer it's not that surprising that you will end putting a lot of miles on your legs and feet.

For one Bronco Jesse Vogel, she is in a league of her own when it comes to running on the pitch.

Vogel has been playing the game of soccer since she was four years old and she is currently the team's career leader in minutes logging over 5200 hundred and counting.

"If I had to add up all the miles I would run in a week in the summer it probably would be close to ten.  It's necessary in order for me to get the minutes that I have," said, Senior Boise State soccer player Jesse Vogel.

Her ability to be agile on her feet isn't her only attribute as she is Boise State's last line of defense besides the goalie.  She has the skills to burn as she is ranked number one in the conference in goals-against average.

"It's all on me and I know that I would want myself to be the last person on the field," said, Vogel.

Soccer is who she is and who she has become.  Her parents had one rule growing up be active in something you love.

"They put me into soccer and I loved it.  I always had a soccer ball in my hands. I had a soccer ball in the car whenever we would go,” said, Vogel.

Now when Vogel hangs up the soccer cleats she already has her next plan ready to go as she wants to become a nurse and live in Tennessee.

"What more would you want in a nurse than one in the 24th hour of their shift or the first hour of their shift and they are consistent and caring within your care and she is going to kill it," Said, Head Coach Jim Thomas.

Vogel and the Broncos will host the number one team in the conference with New Mexico this Friday at home at 4:00 pm.