Umpires needed in the Treasure Valley

Posted at 5:34 PM, Feb 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-12 21:29:52-05

The weather is warming up outside which means softball and other parks and rec summer sports will be going on outside in the treasure valley.  There is a need for new officials for the upcoming season and if you want to officiate you are in luck.

No experience no problem the Boise Softball umpires association will train you before the start of the season.  You have the chance to set your own schedule to umpire games. 

New umps usually work on a two-person crew and will be given the chance to learn the sport.  Just head over tohereto learn more about becoming an umpire.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding umpiring

Q – What is the Boise Softball Umpires Association?
A – The Boise Softball Umpires Association (BSUA) is a not-for-profit organization of approximately 70 umpires who umpire softball games scheduled by the City of Boise, City of Meridian, and the Treasure Valley Fast Pitch Association.  The BSUA was formed in the mid-1930’s and umpires USA Softball (previously known as ASA Softball) games.

Q – How many games do the BSUA cover?
A – In 2016, the BSUA umpired over 5,500 games.  With games being a mixture of 1-umpire and 2-umpire games, the BSUA had over 9,100 individual umpire slots used in the 2016 season.

Q – How long is the softball season?
A – The City of Boise and City of Meridian begin their seasons in Mid-April.  The City of Meridian concludes in early September and the City of Boise concludes in early October.  The Treasure Valley Fast Pitch Association season runs from June to August.  League games are Monday through Friday nights starting at 6:15.  There is also a Sunday night league with games that start at 3:00 pm.  We also umpire various weekend tournaments throughout the season.

Q – What is the per-game pay?
A – Umpire pay is different for 1-umpire games versus 2-umpire games.  In 2016, 2-umpire games paid $19.40 per game per each umpire.  1-umpire games paid $22.40 per game.  After two seasons of umpiring experience, these rates increase $2.00 per game per umpire.  Umpires are paid every two weeks throughout the season.

Q – How many games will I umpire?
A – A big factor on that question will be based on your availability.  We allow umpires to tell us which days they are available to work and then fill the assignments.  On any given night, there can be over 30 umpires working.  For a season, the average umpire will officiate approximately 150 games.

Q – I still play softball, can I umpire?
A – Absolutely!  Our assignor will work with you to make sure that you never miss playing your league games.  We have a number of umpires who are still active players, and an even greater number of umpires who were former players.

Q – Am I covered with insurance?
A – USA Softball provides all umpires with liability insurance.  The BSUA provides worker’s compensation insurance that covers umpires at training, travel, and during games against injury and lost umpire wages.

Q – Is there a uniform?
A – The BSUA and USA Softball has a standard umpire uniform.  The BSUA provides a line of credit for umpires to help spread out the cost of uniform acquisition over the first few weeks of the season.

Q – Do you provide training?
A – The BSUA has some of the best softball umpires in the region who facilitate all of our training sessions.  These umpires have worked International assignments, National Championships, and NCAA contests.  We offer multiple training sessions during the pre-season consisting of both classroom and on-the-field training.

Q – Are there any up-front costs?
A – USA Softball requires an annual registration of $50.00 that must be paid before an umpire can be assigned games.  This fee covers your national level insurance and the costs of the rule books.

Q – I am ready, what are my next steps?
A – Contact the USA Softball of Idaho District IV Umpire-in-Chief Glenn Slocum at 208-440-1288 or by email at