Two children become Broncos for the day

Posted at 4:07 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 18:07:25-04

The Boise State football team took to the field bright and early this morning at Albertsons Stadium today's practice was a little bit different as the team added two new players to the roster.

Decked out in Boise State gear from head to toe,  Nikko Worthington and Reece Bass who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses.  Got the chance of being a Bronco for the day.

“They let him put a helmet on its actually what he would want to do any day I’m really excited for Nikko to be out here and have a good time and walking around the field. Guys coming up and giving him a pat on the back and talking football Nikko loves football to be out here with guys and just get an opportunity to do that and act like one of the guys is pretty cool,” said father of Nikko Rick Worthington.

What made today even more special was the duo got the chance of running a play for a touchdown with the Boise State Football team

“4th and goal from the three going for the win big money,” said Coach Harsin.

The Broncos drew up the play and the offense and defense went to work as Coach Harsin coached up the youngsters to have a chance to a run a special play on the blue, along with quarterback Brett Rypien.  It was a touching moment that also trickled down to the Broncos themselves.

“It's great you know to just give back and give kids the opportunity to come out here and be just part of the team they will remember it for forever,” said Running Back Robert Mahone.

“I’ve been blessed my life and all I can do is try and give back with what I have been blessed with and try and help brighten someone else's day and someone going thru that type of struggle I can only imagine and me being able to help provide a smile and happiness and a memory that will last a forever,” said Tyler Siebold.

Running the play and practicing with the Broncos was only part of the cake, the icing was when Coach Harsin surprised the two children that they were officially on the team, as the newest signed roster members.

“We got two spots left on our roster we only have 83 scholarships so we got two spots left two scholarships left guys what you you guys think,” said Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

That moment was a dream come true for the pair, to actually play with their favorite team on the blue, which they will remember forever.

‘Its really cool I have had a lot of fun today its new and I’m loving it,” said Nikko Worthington.

It feels really good actually it feels like I met some new family members,” said Reece Bass.