The Idaho Adventure Man

Posted at 9:31 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 23:32:56-04

Those of us who live in Idaho can sometimes take its natural beauty for granted but for out-of-state transplants, It can be a revelation. 

That is even more true for Andrew Dunning who moved to Sun Valley as a teen fell in love with the outdoors and never looked back.

"Living in sun valley the outdoors is your backyard and you don't have to go anywhere for it," said, Outdoorsman Andrew Dunning.

Growing up in the Los Angeles foothills  Andrew Dunning didn't know much about the outdoors.
He was always an athlete but he competed in swimming an indoor sport.

He moved with his family to Sun Valley and discovered the call of the wild.

"It was just an alternate world compared to leaving in la which is this massive city and most people there weren't doing the kind of stuff that I have dreamed of doing which was all taking place in the mountains," said, Dunning.

While this wet spring might mean headaches for some homeowners in Blaine County a surging Big Wood river has enthusiasts like Dunning salivating to hit the water.

"Being out there at those flows is a totally different feel than being on a normal level of the river.  You are hearing the rocks rolling underneath you there.  There are full trees 20, 30-foot trees floating in the river next to you and you can feel the raw power of the river.  It’s like you are in a liquid avalanche," said, Dunning.

You can't kayak all the time. To pay for his activities Dunning pursues his other passion cooking.

"I kinda have a private chef business in Sun Valley with some clients who can use a personal chef just at their homes and then I also work for a catering company so we do events, weddings," said, Dunning.

Dunning lives by two sayings when he is adventuring in Idaho "If you rest you rust, and if you can you should.”  He's lived up to those mottos by making trips to Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, just to name a few along with his travels across Idaho.

"Don't make excuses for stuff if you think you have the ability to do something you definitely do," said, Dunning.

Dunning plans to keep making his adventure videos so if you would like to see more just click here.  If you would like to learn how to kayak or any of the other activities that Dunning does he also teaches his craft.

However, if you want lessons you'll have to act fast he's already gearing up for his next trip to China.