Surfing on the golf course

Posted at 7:05 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 21:10:42-04

Golf has been around since the middle ages and the sport really hasn’t changed that much.  That is until now with the help of the golfboard.  A device that combines surfing and golf all into one.   From the veteran golfers or to the novice the golfboard will give you an extra incentive to enjoy the course, while smacking around a few golf balls.

“This is by far I think of the main factors in growing the game of golf right now.  It speeds up play and everybody has a blast on it,” Said Golf Professional at Spurwing Country Club Joshua Cantrell.

The golfboard runs off a battery and allows you to go in any direction on the course while hitting speeds up to 14 mph.

“Its brought some people out to golf that have given it up in the past, I’ve had a 74-year-old take around 18 holes he loved it and he is going to do it again,” said, Cantrell.

Besides the fun on the course, it also speeds up game play by over an hour when playing a round of 18.

“Typically when you're riding a cart you typically have two people in a cart you have to drive to each person's ball and it takes a little longer,” said, Cantrell.

The golfboard also allows an individual to get a full body workout while using the device.

“After a round you will notice you're engaging your core a little bit, you are getting a little bit of a workout using it as well,” said Cantrell.

In a way, the golfboard feels similar to snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding and will help bring more interest to golf and increase the number of passionate players to the sport.   The golfboard also allows less maintenance to the golf course, If you would like to own your own the cost is around 6,000 dollars.