Spring Practice begins for Boise State

Posted at 9:19 PM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 23:19:44-04

The Boise State Football team took to the field for the first time this spring.  The team hopes the 15 practices they have planned for this spring will help them build off last season’s success, including a conference championship and a bowl win over the University of Oregon.

Head Coach Bryan Harsin says spring ball isn’t just about working through fundamentals, it’s also a chance for newcomers to earn their stripes on the field.

"Right now the goal of the players in Spring is: get your name on the game plan going into Summer,” Harsin said. “When the coaches are planning for the first three or four games, your name is on that plan saying you are going to one of those guys that we are going to use and build a game plan around to go out there and find a way to win."

The off season hasn’t been all fun and games for Harsin’s staff. During their time off, members of his coaching team had the opportunity to see how a couple of other colleges play the game. Harsin and the offensive staff checked out the Clemson Tigers, while the defense took a trip to Baton Rouge to have an up close and personal look at Idaho State University’s football program.

"It’s always good to see how we are doing,” Harsin said. “You validate a few things and you see them do things that you don't do and you go man we should be doing that. There's really no other profession thats like that, you don't see coke and pepsi out the deciding they are going to share ideas and you can do it in college football."

This season, two new coaches have joined the ranks. Jeff Popovich will coach the cornerbacks, and Coach Chad is in the trenches with the defensive linemen. Harsin says the two new coaches will shake things up come fall.

"The two guys that we brought in, they are both thinkers,” Harsin said. “They are out there taking notes, this is what you do: you go in there. Here is all the answers for you: just go out there and just teach it. They are forward thinkers. They want to be here and they are excited about it so it's been fun."

The Spring game is set for April 14 and a handful of former players will take part in the Boise State Pro Day, which is set for April 3.