Soaring above the competition

Posted at 10:43 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 00:43:34-05

Behind every great program, there stands a great leader. Tina Bird is one of those leaders, working with Neil Resnick as a co-head coach. She has been at the forefront of the Boise State Gymnastics team for 32 years, and now she’s watching it reach it’s all time high after shattering the school record and taking a national number 7 ranking.

“I came here because I love gymnastics. I love Boise State. I love the team because gymnastics is my passion,” Bird said.

Bird’s passion started back in 1985. She was just a freshman earning a scholarship for her final three seasons. She held the floor record that stood for three years. Scoring for the Broncos has soared since her time competing, but she hopes the bond between team members stays the same.

“Freshman year we scored 166 and by my senior year, to bring it to 189 is huge. It’s a pretty big jump and those people were really special,” Bird said. “We just had a reunion last weekend and we are all still really close. I want the girls to have the experience I had and have those lifelong sisterhood relationships,” said, Bird.

Eventually, Bird’s passion for gymnastics lead her to become first a volunteer coach, then assistant coach, and now Co-Head coach for the past ten years. Convincing her to stay was on the shoulders of Resnick when he joined the staff. Ultimately, the duo changed the way we look at Boise State gymnastics.

“Neil said I’m going to be assistant head coach for one year and then I’m going to do it. If you only head coach with me, and I was like ‘wow.’ That was really special since he is such a great person and great coach,” Bird said.

Bird’s relationship with Resnick stretches beyond Boise State, even with Resnick coaching her daughter. The two always come back to family and what the program has made their relationship become.

“I bleed blue but Neil and Patty are a family to me and I wouldn’t want to coach with anybody else,” said, Bird.

“This is her home. Her friends are here, this is such a wonderful place to work and such a wonderful organization to be a part of and I think she knew it would work from the get go,” said, Co-Head Coach Neil Resnick.

Each year the team has reached new levels, but the constant commitment has stayed constant. Bird says to give all your effort to the team and good things will happen.

“We put things into place and every year it got better and the team buys into it more and more. We just keep getting better and better this year. We made a huge jump so it’s really exciting to see all of our goals and everything come true,” said, Bird.

The Broncos will compete at Utah State On Friday, with neither Bird nor Resnick showing signs of slowing the program down.